We continue to dive deeper in making the AQIRYS ecosystem even more comprehensive by adding another inner layer of options for your gaming PC, the CPU cooling solutions. Inspired by one of the windiest planets in our solar system, we introduce the PUCK CPU cooler, an easy and convenient way to upgrade from your stock cooling option. PUCK offers better cooling performance for your CPU and some eye-catching effects thanks to its RGB illuminated fan.

Puck Pro
Puck Pro


The out-of-the-box universal compatibility with modern AMD and Intel platforms is backed up by well-thought-out components and carefully selected materials that were put to extensive testing before being granted a place in your gaming PC. Four 6-mm direct-touch copper heat pipes coupled with a multi-fin aluminum heatsink, accompanied by a PWM-controlled 120 mm fan, offer fast and efficient heat transfer and dissipation. For a better CPU-to-cooler contact, thermal conductivity, and heat transfer, we chose to include a true-high-quality thermal paste inside the package.

Puck Pro
Puck Pro


The top plate sports our cool symbol and the 120 mm fan uses RGB illumination for stunning visuals inside your gaming machine. To play the aesthetics card to its fullest and banking on performance marginal gains, we chose a deep-matte paint job for the heatsink and heat pipes alike!

Puck Pro


Puck is one of the small inner moons of Uranus and was discovered in December 1985 in images sent back by the Voyager 2 spacecraft during its flyby of Uranus. The name Puck follows the convention of naming Uranus's moons after characters from Shakespeare.


  • Socket Compatibility: Intel: Intel: LGA 115x/ 1200/ 17xx; AMD: AM4, AM5
  • TDP: up to 130W
  • Heatsink Installation: without Backplate
  • Heatsink Dimensions: 152 x 120 x 49 mm (with fan)
  • Heatsink Material: Aluminum
  • Heat Pipes: 4x, Copper
  • Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Fan Bearing: Hydraulic
  • Fan Speed: 800 - 1800 ± 10% rpm
  • Fan Air Flow: 31 - 65 CFM
  • Fan Noise Level: 30 dBA
  • Fan Rated Voltage: DC12V
  • Fan Connectors: 4-PIN (PWM + illumination)
  • Fan Included: 1 piece
  • Special features: No-backplate installation; All-round thermal paste included
  • Illumination: RGB (Fan)
  • PWM Controlled: Yes
  • Color: Gray
  • EAN: 5949161381595